Monday, September 01, 2014
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Workshops and Retreats in 2014
Pranayama & Meditation with Diana
Friday, August 22nd
6:30pm - 7:45pm
Garden of Yoga 10 year Anniversary Healing Party
Saturday, September 13th. 5PM-8PM. FREE

Join us at our celebration and enjoy an evening of healing which will include
free yoga classes, massage, reflexology, vegetarian food, giveaways, music and more.
Film Night at Garden of Yoga
Saturday, September 20th
7:30pm FREE

Come join us for an amazing film “Yoga Maya”

Yoga Maya is an exposé on how yoga is taught, practiced and marketed in America. It is a 75-minute documentary, featuring interviews with 12 senior yoga teachers in California, and confessionals by Arvind Chittumalla, producer and director of Yoga Maya. Yoga has been relegated to mostly physical practices in the West, due to a lack of proper understanding of yoga and lack of comprehensive yoga education. This documentary will clarify 4 misconceptions of yoga in America while encouraging the yoga community to expand their practice beyond the physical and embrace meditation, mantra, breath-work, morals and disciplines.

Documentary Cast: Jai Uttal, Annie Carpenter, Mark Whitwell, Felicia Tomasko, Tracee Stanley, Swami Sri Atmananda, Arun Deva, Daniel Stewart, Julie Carmen, Tej Khalsa, Lorin Roche, Chris Chapple.

For most people, yoga means Asana, the physical postures. Not more than 20% of the yoga practitioners incorporate other limbs of yoga into their practice and lifestyle. It is good that so many people have an asana practice, yoga asanas do offer many health benefits. However, if these people expand their practice even marginally by embracing other limbs of yoga, they would benefit exponentially in all walks of life. An integrated yoga practice builds character, discipline, an appreciation for the eco-system in which we live and the resolve to face challenges more gracefully.

There is no better time than now for us to embrace yoga in its entirety. Most of the problems we face in this country today are the result of a lack of discipline, morals and holistic view of life. To name a few: We spend more than we earn, we suffer from illnesses due to poor diet and lifestyle choices, we spend money on wars instead of investing that money in the people who build our society and we are destroying the environment for short term benefits. The foundation of our country is crumbling and it is time for a fundamental change in the way we think and live. An integrated yoga practice can offer the transformation we badly need today.
Saturday, November 8th at 10:00AM
Price: $30.00 limited space

A special 90 minute program devised to raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Foundation. Stefan, Diana and Sol will be organizing a team of walkers for this years Alzheimer’s walk on November 1st in Century City. This special class will meet the following weekend on Saturday, November 8th to continue the momentum.

FIT 4 THE CAUSE MISSION: Produce diverse group exercise events to empower, educate and raise funds for health-related causes, qualified individuals and special populations.
22284 Buena Ventura St. Woodland Hills, CA 91364 (818) 932-9849

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